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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Politics with a Twist

Here it is ... proof that there is nothing we can do to make everyone happy. By "we" I mean "any political party anywhere." The Republicans complained that Obama wasn't ready to lead. Despite all the assurances to the contrary, they held that he just wasn't ready. So, he chose Joe Biden as his running mate. Who is more experienced than Joe? Not good enough.

McCain, on the other hand, is "the same as Bush" to the Democrats and "not conservative enough" to the right. McCain represented a danger to the left by being "pro-life" and a danger to the right by being "pro-experiment-on-embryos". So he appoints Sarah Palin, a "not-Bush" conservative. Now it's Governor Palin who lacks the experience. Worse, she chose not to abort a Down Syndrome baby. To the pro-abortion crowd, this is unacceptable. She has a 17-year-old daughter that is a problem for some reason to both the extreme right and the left. She sees the pregnancy as a blessing (as opposed to Obama who called such a pregnancy "punishment"). And she's a mother, obviously a bad qualification for a Vice President according to many.

As a side note, does anyone remember Deborah? She was the prophetess-who-became-judge in Judges 4, an interesting example of a female as a civil leader (for those of you who argue that God never allows women to be civil leaders). Has anyone noticed the name of the guy she was leader over? (Hint: It's the first name of McCain's opponent.)

Governor Palin is a Vice Presidential candidate, not the presidential candidate. She won't determine for me whether or not to vote for McCain any more than Joe Biden will determine whether or not I vote for Obama. For whom I will vote, in fact, isn't my point. The point is that when you have a two-party system, it seems mandatory that "the other guy is wrong" regardless of what the other party is saying or doing. This is a step beyond "business as usual" for so many who say in essence, "We can get along ... as long as you agree with me." In this political realm, we can only get along if you are me.


Jim Jordan said...

God works in mysterious ways. In Palin, he can expose both the misogyny of the Left and the bad interpretation ("woman's place is in the home") of the far right.

Stan said...

I found it stunning that in this world where "women are equal to men" and there isn't supposed to be any differences that they are screaming about "She's a mother!! She can't be a mother AND a VP!!!" Wait a minute, folks! Maybe you're right and maybe you're not, but at least make up your mind! Are mothers supposed to stay home and take care of their children, or are they allowed to take care of their children and pursue a career?

On the side, it is interesting that everyone appears to be holding the Republican candidates to a much higher standard than Democrat candidates. When President Clinton "erred", the Democrats yelled, "Character isn't the issue!" When there is a Republican question of character, it is the only issue.

Of course, it can't be that our world is filled with double standards, can it?