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Saturday, July 08, 2017

News Weakly - 7/8/2017

Programming note: I will be traveling for a few weeks. I may not post your comments immediately. And if I miss a day, don't be concerned. I'll do my best, but ...

Evangelical Scizophrenia
The New York Times put out an article about Paul Williams, "prominent in the evangelical Christian world, chairman of an organization that started independent churches around the country." He had something to tell his son. He was no longer going to be Paul; he was going to be Paula. Now he's still married to his wife, but they don't live together. He said their therapist told him, "You’re a lesbian and she’s not." But they "share a Christian counseling practice". In his efforts to become more accepted in the evangelical world, he visited Doug Pagitt, founder of the Organizing Progressive Evangelical Network ... because this guy is completely unclear on the point of "evangelical" -- a resistance to "progressive" and "greater inclusiveness" (read "trying to make homosexual behavior acceptable").

His son is pastor of Forefront Brooklyn. He said, "Abortion I didn’t have an opinion on. Premarital sex, same thing." At his church they wouldn't hire a gay person because "we’re under the Orchard Group umbrella, and they take a stance that says this." Not exactly a biblical footing. "He was moving Forefront Brooklyn toward affirming gay members." Because the Bible says nothing at all about the value of human life (abortion), sex outside of marriage (premarital sex), or what God thinks of homosexual behavior (e.g., 1 Cor 6:9-10). Now his church includes worship songs about "'a rainbow of race and gender and color' and claiming 'for everyone born, the right to be free'" and the pastor preaches how Jesus was about upending social structures.

Funny. I never read about that Jesus or calling "include everyone regardless of what Scripture says" "Evangelical". Something's gotta give.

The Harm Ethic
I'm sure you've heard of the theory that "moral" should be determined by "harm". If it causes harm, it should be immoral; if it does not, it should not. This assumes we can identify "harm" and, when we do, we would carry through with our declaration that it is immoral. Neither is true. But then we come across this. You remember the European Court of Human Rights that determined that Russia was passing illegal laws against homosexuals. Now they've decided that Charlie Gard would have his rights best defended ... by killing him. The 11-month-old boy from the UK has a rare condition that makes him unable to move or breathe unassisted. His parents want to take him to the U.S. to have a treatment that might, even if it's remote, save his life. The so-called European Court of Human Rights thinks that attempting to save his life will cause "significant harm" and three UK courts have told them they cannot take him for treatment. So much for the "harm ethic". So much for the Court of "Human Rights".

We'll see what happens. Trump has promised to get him treatment for free if he comes. It's strange that one of America's most hated presidents is a voice of kindness here.

Google It
Google, as a corporation, is not known for its "conservative views". They will, for instance, make "doodles" for an amazing array of events -- Nepal Republic Day, 121st anniversary of the first published timetable in Japan, obscure birthdays, etc. -- but not Memorial Day. Google supported "gay marriage" in California before it was legal. That sort of thing. So it has to come as a surprise that they would invite Tim Keller (twice) and, recently, Stephanie Gray to speak. Stephanie is "a Canadian pro-life apologist. She travels the world making the case for the humanity and personhood of the unborn. She’s co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and now leads a ministry called Love Unleashes Life." Her video surpassed hits for Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards within 24 hours. Interesting. The truth is out there.

Not a Good Sign
Walter Shaub Jr., the Director of the Office of Government Ethics, has turned in his resignation. "The move follows months of clashes with the White House over issues such as President Trump's refusal to divest his businesses and the administration's delay in disclosing ethics waivers for appointees." Enough said.

In Brief
So ...
> California is planning to have its own climate summit to force Trump to opt back in to the useless Paris climate agreement ... because California has that kind of power.
> Oregon is planning to force insurers to pay for killing babies.
> United Airlines ... need I say more? They messed up again.
> Get this. Missouri is lowering their minimum wage. Go figure.

These kinds of things need little commentary from me.

Finally, someone is doing something about it
Apparently "the President and Commander in Chief led a squad of White House aides on a wild chase through the West Wing early Monday morning, after the team of assistants attempted to confiscate Trump’s smartphone to prevent him from posting anything on social media." The story goes on to say, "Sources claim a female aide attempted to distract the President while the others sneaked up behind him and made an attempt for the phone."

About time someone did something. And it has to be true; I saw it on the Internet.

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