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Saturday, July 22, 2017

News Weakly - 7/22/2017

News of the Week
Okay, now, let's see. Well, the important stuff ...
> Ryan Secrest announced that he's returning to American Idol ... because that's important.

> The lyrics to the hit song, Despocito, have been translated into English. Oh, good.

> Oh, and, hey! Pokemon Go is releasing the Legendary Pokemon character because this ... this is critical to our lives.

> Oh, oh! And Madame Tussauds made their wax figure of Beyonce too white.

Seriously, America, is that what we consider "news" these days?

The Justice System
On one hand, a Tennessee judge has signed an order that will allow inmates to get out of jail early if they have a vasectomy or birth control implant ... because the real cause of crime is being "burdened with children", apparently.

On the other hand, O.J. Simpson, who managed to evade a murder rap and end up convicted of armed robbery stealing sports memorabilia, is being paroled. He assured the parole board he had no intention of stealing anything and he had missed a lot of time with his kids, so clearly he needed to be freed.

I would contend that "justice" has a waning influence on our "justice system".

Killing Not So Softly
Planned Parenthood is suing Texas because any limitation on their ability to murder babies at will is an affront to their "women's rights" position. They are clearly not concerned about babies' rights.

Science Prevails
It's about time! Scientists now believe that "Apple iPhone was not designed, but rather evolved naturally over billions of years." You know, just because it looks like design is no reason to think it is. Must be true; I read it on the Internet.


Leigh Marlow said...


Just in the middle of my first cup of coffee, reading your blog. Love your sense of humor. Funny! Although very sad, what people think are important in life.

Again thanks for the chuckles!

Craig said...

At least our justice system has stopped the usurpation of the constitution by our deranged governor.

Apparently he decided that the best way to negotiate with the legislature over bills he'd already signed was to veto funding for said legislature.

Thank goodness at least one judge isn't nuts.

Marshal Art said...

News of the Week

Compared to constant ranting about Russian collusion, I'm good with this news...for now.

The Justice System

It failed in the double-murder case. But that can't be held against him in deciding whether or not to parole him for the theft case, so it didn't fail in the theft case at all. Fortunately, we're not mandated that we must be happy about it.

Danny Wright said...

If those who thought up and built the iPhone evolved then doesn't that mean that the phone de facto evolved? This may not be parody after all.