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Saturday, July 15, 2017

News Weakly - 7/15/2017

I'm on the road, so news items have been mostly inaccessible. That would be good news, I suppose, since it will make this a short one.

Social Engineering with a gun
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis put on hold the opening of military enlistment to transgender people for 6 months in order to review plans and inform their people. They will be instructing their people that gender is defined by the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and you'd darn well better get over it. What? Yes, the training indicates that soldiers designated by DEERS but not yet surgically altered will be sharing "female barracks, bathroom, and shower facilities." You object? Well, that's considered harassment and discrimination ... which, apparently, only goes one way.

I've heard of the Army Corps of Engineers, but this is making the military into a social engineer ... with a gun. Did not see that coming.

Email Theft
Now, I'll admit, I'm not really clear on this whole story, and it's all very odd and unpleasant and such, but I'm somewhat baffled by this bombshell that Trump Jr. released incriminating emails about being pleased that Russia had stuff on Hillary. I'm baffled because I would expect the X Political Candidate team to be happy about having negative information about Y Political Candidate. I'm confused because haven't we all agreed that the release of private emails is bad and it is unfair to expect it? Or is it a good thing when it's dirt on the candidate we don't like but evil when it's "our guy"? I have nothing good to say about Trump, his party, his presidential run, or his team. It just seems to be another double standard and it's getting pretty tiring.

God in Trouble
Well, as we would expect, God is afraid He might be on the wrong side of history. Apparently God is realizing that His "objective morals seem to be more and more out of step with the current culture’s ever-changing standards." You can see that, for sure. Must be true; I read it on the Internet.

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