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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm sure you've heard it before: "You Christians are all alike." Generally it's followed with stuff with which even you likely disagree. "You caused the Crusades." "Your always interfering in people's fun." That kind of stuff. Or there's always the old, "You guys can't agree on anything." And if you press that one too far you'll find that the "anything" in mind is something like "Some of you believe in Jesus and some of you don't." Big stuff. Stuff that, as it turns out, all Christians agree on.

Well, don't let it get you down. Remember this. It was Jesus who assured us that there would always be the problem of "tares among wheat", those who appear to mimic genuine Christianity but are, in fact, not the real thing. He also used the illustration of the bad fish caught with the good fish. Same concept. Jesus warned about wolves in sheep's clothing (Matt 7:15). What did that mean? They weren't genuine sheep, but they would try to look like it. John warned that there would be false prophets -- "antichrists". You know, people who claim to speak for God. John warned that these antichrists would come from us -- the Church. So there is something I'd like you to remember. The presence of the counterfeit does not disprove the genuine. Don't let it get you down.

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