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Saturday, January 01, 2011


Doesn't get much cleaner than that, does it? "1/1/11"

Of course, it's more important to me than a numerical sequence. You see, I have a lot of problems remembering dates. I have a friend who recently celebrated -- as he does every year -- the date that he proposed to his wife. They have a tradition over that date. Me? Neither my wife nor I can remember the date ... the day ... the month. I'm pretty sure of the year. So I keep lists of anniversaries and birthdays and all because I'm just no good at remembering that stuff.

But this one I get every year. This one I get even if it's "1/1/10" or "1/1/05". This one I get every year because I intentionally chose "1/1" as something I could easily remember. The part that follows, "/xx", is significant of course, but only insofar as it counts from "/93". That's because 1/1/93 was the year I married my beloved wife.

So today is the 18th year of my being an apparent oxymoron -- "happily married". I say that because I love my wife and could not imagine a better wife for me. So without a whole lot of effort I can remember that the first day of every year is the anniversary of the day that I married my best friend, the best gift God ever gave to me after His Son. Oh, and that makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, the anniversary of my marriage follows the celebration of His birth. Well, I like it, even if you find it corny. As for my wife? Oh, I love her ... every year, a bit more.


Marshal Art said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you run up that total to a much larger number!

As to remembering the date, a couple of people took that out my hands by being nice enough to give us both a clock and a picture frame with the date of our marriage engraved in it. Both hang where I can always be reminded.

David said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.