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Monday, January 01, 2018

A Nightmare

I had a dream the other night. Apparently I was to be part of an arranged marriage. (Never knew who arranged it.) The girl I was supposed to marry was nobody I actually know. She was nice, pleasant, attractive, and even willing. In the dream, I wasn't married, but in the dream I was also vaguely aware that I was. I took her aside and told her a little bit about me. "You don't know what I'm like. I'm a nice enough fellow, but you wouldn't be happy with me." I woke up.

It was a nightmare. Why? Because it wasn't my wife.

I woke up next to my beloved bride and thought how grateful I am to have her. I told the truth in my dream. I'm a nice enough fellow, but no one would be happy being married to me -- no one, that is, except my wife. She doesn't tolerate me; she seems to enjoy me, seems to be happy about my presence. Miracle of miracles ... she even likes my humor. (To anyone that knows me personally, that's big!)

I really can't say enough good things about my wife, as anyone who has read this blog might know. This is our 25th anniversary, and my dear wife and I are happier together than ever. I thank God for the gift she is to me and pray that I can be the husband God calls me to be to her, if we live that long, for another 25 years.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Happy anniversary, laddie! It only gets better.

Marshal Art said...

Happy anniversary!

Craig said...

Happy Anniversary.

Stan said...

Thanks, all.