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Saturday, December 16, 2017

News Weakly - 12/16/17

Apparently Merriam-Webster has decided their word of the year for 2017 is "feminism". The story says, "Yes, it's been a big year or two or 100 for the word." (Emphasis mine) Got that right. The word, morphed and twisted for a century now, has caused more problems than we even recognize, but with the "MeToo" drive, the Women's March, the whole "every guy is a sexual abuser" atmosphere of the day, and all, well, you can see how the word might describe 2017 ... and not always in a good way.

Internet Sensation
Keaton James became in Internet sensation this week with a video of him crying about being bullied in school and asking why they do it. The support was huge. Of course, the GoFundMe account was closed to more donations because it looked suspicious. Why did this unfortunate boy need $57,000 in donations? Seems as if we can't even complain about real problems right. (And what will that kid's life be like in the future now that he is permanently marked as the kid who cried about bullies on the Internet?)

A Simple Case of Mine over Matter
A panel of inquiry in Australia has examined the problem of pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church and has concluded that the solution is for the Roman Catholic Church to change its theology. All they have to do is to give up celibacy for the clergy. Hmmm.

Now, mind you, I am firmly convinced that the Catholic church is wrong on that point (among others), but isn't it interesting? 1) The Australian panel (along with a whole lot of the rest of the world) believes that a religion can change its theology at will. "God said it, we believe it, that settles it ... Oops! No, it doesn't! We've changed our mind and, we're quite sure, God will change His right along with us. He's a good God that way." I suppose if religion is "mine", that works. Most of them are not. 2) The Australian panel (along with a whole lot of the rest of the world) believes that the problem for Roman Catholic pedophile priests is that they're not getting "righteous sex" and if they were to get sex in marriage the whole perversion thing would go away. I cannot even begin to imagine how anyone could possibly conclude that. Seriously.

To Die is Gain
No jokes, no sarcasm. Dr. R.C. Sproul has gone to be with the Lord. He was a man with a singular dedication to God and His Word, affecting many lives for Christ. He will be missed. On the other hand, he's no longer having breathing problems, no longer getting old, no longer unsure on any point of his theology. I remember him saying once, "People have asked me, 'R.C., if you can ask one question of God when you get to heaven, what will that be? I tell them, 'Ask a question??? I plan to be on my face worshiping for the first 10,000 years or more." R.C. is now in the presence of the Holy One of Israel.

Expect a brief eulogy from me next week.

Chief Among Sinners
As we all know, one of the chief sins of the day is when people (well, white people) commit what is called "cultural appropriation". You know ... like when Ivanka Trump wore an Oriental-style outfit on a trip to India. Or the horrors of non-Moroccans indulging in henna decorations. Or when Jesus took on human form.

Must be true; I read it on the Internet.


Anonymous said...

If I may be a bit crass here...

I've been seeing women wearing a shirt with "FEMINIST AF" on it in large print. I'd never say this out loud, but I think of these as "birth control shirts." As in, a woman with that outlook on life is probably not going to reproduce. Women aren't baby factories, after all. ;-]

Stan said...

Never seen it. Had to look it up. It means, as far as I can tell, "feminist to the extreme". The extreme feminists view all men as rapists and all women who marry as mitigating rape -- you know, limiting it to one man. That is an extreme view, but, seriously, it would not lend itself to procreation.

Marshal Art said...

I used to listen Sproul on the radio almost daily when I worked during the daylight hours. He'll be missed.

Stan said...

He will. My comments on his passing come out on Monday.