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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why Is That?

Just thinking "aloud" a moment here. When a Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, right or wrong, stood her ground refusing to do her job of issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in opposition to the Kentucky state constitution, there was an outcry. "Do your job or get out of office!" That was the nice version. And it came from pro and con views on the topic of same-sex mirage. The idea is "Either do your job or get out of office."

Why is it that this only seems to apply to people who claim to be Christians standing for their religious freedom? In the federal government and in multiple state governments justice departments were tasked with defending traditional marriage laws legally enacted. The Justice Department refused to defend DOMA and many state attorney general departments refused to defend their own state laws on the subject. So why is it that the Kim Davis types need to do their job or quit, but the attorneys tasked with defending the law who refuse to do so do not?

Another thing. Why is it that some people will moan and groan that by taking the Bible at its word we are putting words in God's mouth -- claiming "God says" (like the Bible says) -- but these self-same people have not a single complaint about folks like Sarah Young who write books like Jesus Calling which claims to be extrabiblical direct revelations from God -- "God says"?

To be honest, there are many things in this world that I do not comprehend. A large amount of that is people.

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David said...

God frequently makes more sense than people. But then He is rational and we are not.