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Saturday, November 07, 2015


Idiocracy was a 2006 satire that I never saw about a dystopian society where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant and that is devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human rights, about our future where we're governed by idiots ...

Maybe you haven't heard. In early November The New York Times reported on a battle going on between the Township High School District 211 in Palantine, IL, and the federal Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education. A male student in school there self-identified as a female and demanded his Title IX rights to participate on a girls' sports team and to change and shower in the girls' locker room. Well, of course, the school did what it could. The school provided a screen for him (I'm sorry, but I will not identify a human being with male DNA and male body parts as "her") to change behind so that the entire rest of the team would not be offended by looking at male body parts or made uncomfortable by displaying their own nudity to a biological male. Well, that wasn't enough. So now the United States Department of Education is demanding that the male student have unrestricted access to the girls' locker room without respect for the other girls or they will suffer millions of dollars in lost revenue.

So, what have we learned?

We've learned that Science is dead; long live Science. That is, what is clear and demonstrable, what we call "empirical", is no longer king. The new "Science" is predicated on "What do I feel?" It's the Age of Empathy where reality is determined by feelings rather than facts. It's the natural offspring of Post-modernism that argued essentially that nothing was real. If I say, "I was born Stan, but I feel like I'm Napoleon and I want to be king of France," they'd lock me up. It's crazy. If I say, "I was born a man but I feel like a woman and I demand access to all things 'woman'", they'll brand me as heroic and go to court to defend my "rights".

We can now see that, since "truth" is rightly defined as "that which corresponds to reality" and "I have been born in a boy's body, but I believe I'm a girl" doesn't correspond to reality, truth is right out. In a world willing to disregard truth and discard reality, there is no telling where it will head next, but it cannot be in a good direction. "I choose to believe that bus headed toward me doesn't exist" doesn't end well because reality is ignored. And in a world like this, when others (like Christians) claim to hold the truth in hand, they aren't tolerated; they're eliminated. If you have the audacity to say, "But ... all you have to do is look ... that's not a girl", you're a hater and need to be removed. That kid who said, "The emperor has no clothes!" should have been arrested.

We find that, in the Sexual Revolution's astounding coup d'├ętat of a nation's moral code that was accomplished in a matter of a year or two overriding hundreds of years of inbred values, the government is perfectly happy buying into an anti-evident claim of "I feel like a girl so I am" and is forcing the rest of the country to go with it, where, as in this case, the entire group isn't relevant if one guy who claims he's a girl is not completely comfortable in his selected environment. Where does the Sexual Revolution go from here? At this point I'd guess the sky's the limit. "Whatever you want" can be the only guide.

Something that appears to be missed although it seems to me to be blatantly self-evident is that gender is dead. Or ought to be. The rule, for instance, is that anyone should be allowed to participate in any sports. Girls should be allowed to play on men's teams. And we're headed that way ... by law. But if this is they case, why are there men's or women's teams? And why are there no men seeking to play on women's teams? What's up with that? We scream egalitarianism. "We're all alike!" They cloak it in "equal" rather than "alike" and then try to tell us that it means we're all alike ... because we're all equal. "Equal" means "being the same". We're all the same. See? Thus, gender is dead. And, yet, if we're all the same, there should be no "men's" or "women's" anything. The "transgender" makes no sense because we're all the same. We fight for "men and women are equal" and then argue that men can be women and women can be men and then try to change into the other ... which we just argued was the same.

Someone told me, "That movie, Idiocracy, wasn't a comedy; it was a prophecy."

Seriously, when a society arrives at this point, where it assumes "I feel" means "it is truth" and the government enforces it, there can be little expectation of anything to redeem that society. I hope you Christians out there have your trust in something other than common sense, evident reason, public pressure, voters, democracy, or government. (But, I would hope that was true even if things didn't look so bad.)


David said...

My brother has been asking me what happened to the Christian Intellectuals. I think they are just following suit with the Secular Intellectuals.

Stan said...

There ARE Christian intellectuals. The fact that they're so hard to find is telling.

Marshall Art said...

Schaumburg High School is where this sad tale is unfolding. It is my alma mater. Class of '73. Back then, somewhere around my sophomore or junior year, the controversy was trying to get the administration to allow abortion advertising in the school paper. Being quite naive, I didn't even know what abortion was. When it was explained, I was shocked at my peers for daring to suggest that as a viable option. I guess I wasn't so hip a hippie (as I was so associated for having long hair, digging rock and blowing doobs).

Now, I'm incredibly saddened that my old school (a great Steely Dan tune)is faced with this issue. It's not good enough that they are accommodating this mentally disturbed boy. It's that they aren't going further than they are and are having funding threatened for their choice to stand firmly on their current position. I see them folding eventually since bucks are at stake. I hope they don't.