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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I don't normally write two posts in a day, nor do I follow Twitter, let alone Planned Parenthood twitter, but I came across this tweet from Planned Parenthood and was just dumbfounded.
Every child deserves the opportunity to live up to their
God given potential. @HillaryClinton #blacklivesmatter
Seriously, how does anyone from PP write something like that and mean anything remotely like it? In any sense?

By "every child" they mean "only the ones we recognize" as opposed to "every".

By "deserves the opportunity to live up to ..." they mean ... sorry, I can't tell what they mean. I can't tell what they mean by "deserves" when they think that some deserve to die. I can't figure out what "the opportunity" means when they kill more than they save. Apparently "live" is something different than normal people call it, too.

They cannot actually use the phrase "God given potential" with any rational meaning. "God" has nothing to do with it and "potential" is only that which is dreamed up by a mother who does or does not want her child. No meaning whatsoever.

The "@HillaryClinton" is really ironic since Hillary is on record for being pro-abortion and staunchly anti-life.

And, as if to be sure to end in a complete downpour of foolishness, they tack on "#blacklivesmatter". You know, like the fact that "Abortion Kills More Black Americans Than the Seven Leading Causes of Death Combined." Or the fact that more black babies were aborted in New York City in 2013 than were born. Or the reality that "Women of color are five times as likely to terminate a pregnancy as their white counterparts." Yes, black lives matter. Terminating them doesn't suggest you think so.

But this is the kind of "reasoning" and "logic" and "care and concern" we can expect from those who ignore God while giving Him lipservice. Most astounding, I suppose, is that so few seem to see it.


Danny Wright said...

I saw that. The black lives matter part was a nice cherry on an ironic cake.

Stan said...

Should I assume that "check your brains at the door" is a prerequisite for being part of Planned Parenthood? (Rhetorical question)

David said...

I went and looked up that tweet and in over 5 minutes of reading, I couldn't find a single positive response. Even a pro-choice atheist didn't like it. The closest I found to positive was being glad she lived in a place that has legal abortion, and I think that have been more of a response to the comments, not the original.