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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just Askin'

I don't normally post two in one day, but it's too timely to pass up.

The news reports, "Egyptians jubilant as Mubarak resigns. The media is all a titter. The talking heads are exultant. The loudest voices in America are matching the loudest voices in Egypt. "Freedom!" they cry.

What I'm not hearing anywhere is the question, "Is this a good thing?" Oh, sure, the media is asking the White House if they have any concerns. But it is assumed that the people of Egypt have won a great victory for freedom. And I'm just not sure. I know that a loud crowd of what they claimed was "a million" forced their leader to resign in just 18 days. But I also know that the vocal group is often not of the same opinion as the silent majority. No vote was taken. No one actually asked the people. All we know is that a large and loud group made enough noise and trouble that the president of a country felt he had to leave office -- leave office, you realize, to the military. Is that a good thing?

Now, mind you, I think freedom is a good thing. And, mind you, I'm not saying that what has happened in Egypt is a bad thing. I'm not saying that Mubarak should have stayed in office or defending him in any way. All I'm wondering is did the people want this, or did an angry, loud minority decide this for the majority? How will we know? Was it a good thing? I don't think we'll find out because I don't think anyone will ask. Was it freedom or was it anarchy? Just askin'.


Danny Wright said...

I do believe they are looking forward to the that day here when the government can be liberated from the constraints put on it by the constitution. I can see it now, the government telling all the people that they will be defaulting on the obviously-to-any-sane-person-impossible-to-keep promises they have made because those with the means to have been long gone by then, the rich, have been unwilling to share. I see millions in the street demanding blood from either a turnip or some unfortunate unable to be long gone scape goat. Hmmmm I wonder who that's going to be?

Anonymous said...

My family was just saying the same thing. I'm glad they can have a relatively peaceful regime change, but what makes the Left think this will be a happy little party now?

Stan said...

One of my concerns is, given the climate of the region and the loud voices of the area, will Egypt end as another Hamas-type "theocracy" for Islam?

Unfortunately it often seems the case that "We don't like what we have!" without any thought at all for what can be had instead.