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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mount Hood

I'm sure most are aware of the drama and tragedy at Mount Hood, Oregon. Three climbers were climbing the mountain when they ran into foul weather. They were trapped on the mountain in a life-threatening storm. A few days ago the weather lifted enough for rescuers to get a closer look. They found the body of Kelly James in an ice cave. His two companions are still missing.

One of the most interesting side notes of this story is the media's repeated mention of the intense religious faith of the climbers and their families. What you may not have known is that Kelly James was a member of a PCA church in Dallas. His brother, who has been on TV commenting for the families on several occasions, is Frank James. Dr. James is the President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL and a professor of Church History.

Please hold these people with "intense religious faith" in your prayers as the search continues for the other missing hikers ... and those without "intense religious faith" as well.

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