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Tuesday, July 05, 2022


Have you heard of the NRP (or NhRP)? It is the Nonhuman Rights Project. According to their website, "The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only civil rights organization in the United States dedicated solely to securing rights for nonhuman animals." That's right. We will not recognize any rights of the unborn human beings, but we will work hard for human rights for animals. "Nonhuman rights," they say, "are based on fundamental values and principles of justice such as liberty, autonomy, equality, and fairness." (Just take a moment to visualize what life becomes if all animals are given "equality" in the same sense that men, women, LGBTQ, all races, etc. are given. Equal pay? Just wondering, because an elephant or a horse can pull a lot more weight than you or I, for instance. But that would be moot because animals that aren't forced to work likely won't. Nor would any volunteer to be eaten. Oh, and all conservancy and protections (like preventing overpopulation of certain animals) would be right out, too.) The president of the organization says, "Our groundbreaking lawsuits in the US demand recognition of the legal personhood and fundamental right to bodily liberty of autonomous nonhuman animals living in captivity." Personhood? To a non-person? When we won't recognize the personhood of some humans? And why not? In 2017 New Zealand granted legal personhood to a river. In 2014 the Te Urewera park was recognized as a legal person. In 2018 a New Zealand volcano, Mount Taranaki, gained the same status. So why not animals? But my real question is why not humans? Insanity is spreading. It may already be at your door (Rom 1:22-23, 28).

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