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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Bad Reasons to Kill

Actress Alyssa Milano opened up about her two abortions in her podcast. She explains how important and valuable it was for her to kill her children. I will list her reasons that it was good to kill her children, and we'll figure out if these might actually be good reasons to terminate the lives of human beings.
  1. "I control my own body."
  2. "My faith empowered only men to make every single decision of what was allowed and what was not allowed."
  3. "I was not equipped to be a mother."
  4. "[Aborting my babies] was something that I needed."
  5. "I would never had been free to be myself — and that’s what this fight is all about: freedom."
  6. "I refuse to let anyone else's [expletive deleted] morality force me into a life of premarital celibacy."
I hope you can see how dangerous this might be if you actually held these arguments as valid reasons to kill. "I control my body, so anyone who inhibits that control can be executed." "I am a victim of [men], so I should be allowed to kill if I feel like it." "I don't feel like I can handle [being a mother], so it is perfectly moral to terminate whoever might call on me to [be a mother]." "What I believe I need determines my right to kill those I believe to be in the way." "If someone encroaches on my sense of freedom, someone may certainly die." "I determine morality ... predicated on my personal pleasure and preferences."

Given this kind of logic, murder would be a lot more common. Oh, wait, it sure feels like it's getting to be that way, doesn't it? Hmmm.


Craig said...

Have you seen the Dave Chapell clip on abortion? If you can get past the language it's pretty interesting. He essentially makes the point that by putting the abortion decision 100% in the hands of the woman, the fair response would to absolve the man of any financial responsibility.

Stan said...

No, I haven't. And while I'd never argue what he does, it's interesting that so many people argue for positions that would end up violating their own principles if carried to their logical conclusions.

Craig said...

I agree that the notion of applying many positions equally or carrying things to their logical conclusion is foreign to many people.

Stan said...

Well, we (human beings) naturally have a problem with unintended consequences. You know, "Wow! Didn't see that coming." Eliminate the mosquitoes so the fishermen can fish and find out we killed all the fish. That sort of thing. But these are logical conclusions. Like "If we say that marriage is no longer one man and one woman, why are we limiting it to one anything? What is our basis for this new definition?" Or, in this post, "If that is your logic for killing babies, what prevents you from using the same logic to kill anyone?"