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Saturday, January 12, 2019

News Weakly - 1/12/19

The Antichrist is Coming!
That's the story, at least. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has stated that "the data-gathering capacity of devices such as smartphones risks bringing humanity closer to the arrival of the Antichrist." Of course, the media isn't being entirely fair. What he actually said was that all the information that can be gathered about us through smartphones would make it easier for a centralized world government to exist. That world government would be run by the Antichrist.

Let's be clear. We don't make these things happen. "You know, if only we hadn't made smartphones, the Antichrist never would have happened." Doesn't work that way. That being said, anyone who is not concerned about the amount of personal data that we're handing out while we demand greater privacy is not aware of the situation.

The Death of Civility
I and others have long been concerned about the apparent death of civility in this country. Disagreements have always abounded, but it was not impossible to differ without going to war. A Republican, for instance, could disagree strongly with the positions of a Democrat while still showing respect to the Democrat. We used to be able to respect the office even if we didn't respect the person that was in it. Gone are the days. It wasn't Hillary who started it, but she was the one who voiced it last year, cheering the end of civility. Now a newly-elected Muslim congresswoman has made the news by a use of a term she applied to President Trump that I can't even print here (being interpreted literally "he has sex with his mother") and she assured the world that her goal in getting into Congress was to impeach the president. Not everyone was happy about it (that's putting it mildly) and she has apologized, not for the language, but for the "distraction." Democrats are downplaying it, defending it, or applauding it. What would we expect? They complain (and I would say rightly) about Trump and his crudity but then follow suit. I would suggest that when we take the gloves of civility off, the fight is going to get ugly. The Left is applauding, but you can bet they'll complain when they take one in the jaw.

Lese Majeste Law
The term refers to insulting the monarch, but is used to refer to insulting the government as well. Thailand and Cambodia have laws like that. A Cambodian man got 3 years in jail for it along with a $1250 fine. They take their "respect authority" to the next level. Not commending the law, but clearly we Americans take ours to the lowest levels.

The Least of These ... Don't Count
The Kentucky Senate is considering a bill that will ban abortion. That, of course, is a lie. The Kentucky Senate is considering a bill that will protect lives. You just won't see that written in many media outlets. The bill would prevent the intentional murder of children with a heartbeat in the womb. The ACLU says, "It's blatantly unconstitutional." I'm waiting to see which component of the Constitution assures the right to murder babies. I'm also wondering when the ACLU is going to change its name to rightly reflect the fact that the "American civil liberties" they are protecting do not include the most vulnerable Americans.

Dangerous Migrants
In the latest news a new migrant caravan is headed to the border with the intention of walking around the U.S. seven times and then blowing trumpets. They're fairly sure any wall there would come tumbling down.

Must be true; I read it on the Internet.

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