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Saturday, December 22, 2018

News Weakly - 12/22/18

Lights That Shine
"Let your light so shine that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven," Jesus said. Meet Wayne Price. The story on Today introduces him this way. "Wayne Price has been driving a school bus for five years, but his faith is what really drives to him to do everything in his life." Nice. Last week the school had to open late due to weather. Price knew that his busload of kids wouldn't get to eat, so he stopped at McDonald's and picked up 50 McMuffins so all his kids would get fed that day. Why? "I'm driven by faith and Christ." The story ends, "To the bus driver, Christmas is all about giving in the spirit of God. And give he did." Well done, Mr. Price.

Faithful Disobedience
We complain about the persecution we are seeing in America. Oh, sure, it's minimal, hardly comparing to real persecution, but it is persecution since Jesus said it was (Matt 5:10-12). But we have to admit that real persecution is happening elsewhere, like the Chinese government arresting pastors, church leaders, and members. I can only hope that when we do end up receiving greater persecution like they do in those other countries we can be as faithful to Christ in our disobedience to anti-Christian government as they are.

A Christmas Miracle
Roxli Doss is an 11-year-old Texas girl who had an inoperable brain tumor. That is, until her church started praying for her. She recently had an MRI and the doctor said the tumor was undetectable. The doctors have no explanation; the church people do.

The Boy Scouts of America are considering bankruptcy. They're reeling from multiple sexual abuse charges as well as sharply declining membership. Now, I can't imagine how that could be since they caved in to the crowd on homosexual leaders and letting girls into the Boy Scouts. Could it be they're filing for moral bankruptcy?

Medical Needs
This is rich. Apparently "Sure, I'm a guy, but I feel like a girl" constitutes a "medical need." U.S. District Court Judge B. Lynn Winmill said, "Inmates have no choice but to rely on prison authorities to treat their medical needs," so he ordered the Idaho Department of Correction to provide gender reassignment surgery. Why them? Well, this guy was convicted in 2012 of molesting a child. It's interesting that the convict was diagnosed with gender dysphoria by an IDOC psychiatrist. It's interesting because he was not diagnosed by a doctor (which would have indicated that there was actual science behind such a diagnosis) and because the treatment for the problem is to pander to it. That makes sense, apparently, to the judge who called it "a serious medical need."

Santa Lives
In Glendale, California, David Carter, a local mall Santa, was arrested for punching a shopper who denied the divinity of Christ*.

Must be true; I read it on the Internet.
* In case you didn't know, the original Saint Nicholas of Myra was arrested for punching Arius at the Council of Nicea because he denied the divinity of Christ.

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