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Friday, April 21, 2017

Understanding LGBT

I'm trying to figure out LGBT, and I'm not doing well. I can get as far as what words go with what letters. L-Lesbian, G-Gay, B-Bisexual, and T-Transgender. Great. I have a start. Then they'll throw in Q. What is that? Well, some say it's "Queer" and others "Questioning" (or, apparently, both or either). And instantly I'm lost.

I get the T, at least by definition. It's someone who doesn't believe they are the gender they were born with. Maybe they've switched through some physical means; maybe not. But, as we all know, gender is a fluid thing, not ... what do we "normal" thinkers call it? ... not binary. Okay, we'll work with that. And, of course, I'm clear on the B. Bisexual is someone who is attracted to both sexes. But wait! Didn't we just determine that gender isn't binary? Oh, that's a problem. Maybe they need to make an "O" category -- "omni" ... attracted to anything at all. And, of course, it's a further problem that the LGBT forces have done nothing at all for the B of their group. No one has suggested a remedy for the problems of the bisexual. They generally allow what they term "marriage" between two people of any of the two accepted genders, but obstinately disallow "marriage" among more than two ... and the B is out of luck. Again ... I'm lost.

The L is pretty easy. Lesbian is self-explanatory: a female who is sexually attracted to the female gender. She is not attracted to the male gender and she is not attracted to both (or multiple?) genders. Pretty clear. But that G thing throws me. Yes, yes, it's "gay", but I thought "gay" referred to "homosexual", not "male homosexual". I mean, when they refer to "the gay lifestyle" or "gay rights", aren't they talking about all homosexuals? But, since "LGBT" is supposed to mean something, I suppose I have to assume that the G refers to male homosexuals only. Fine. Except not always. Fine.

And then there's that nagging T thing back again. You see, if someone is actually transgender in some sense, can they be classified as "L" or "G"? If a guy believes he's a girl and is attracted to women (you know, like a heterosexual male would be), would he be a lesbian? And, of course, vice versa. I heard the story of a girl adopted by two homosexuals who taught her that the homosexual life was the best. Now, she was attracted to males, so she pursued a sexual transition to male so she could be "gay". Sadly, she died (of a drug overdose) before that was reached, but I'm still completely confused. Is it right to think of "L" (female), "G" (male), or even "B" (bi) when genders are so fluid as to be almost undefinable?

Well, I am questioning, obviously, so does that make me "Q"? No, of course not. But you have to admit it can all be very puzzling. Especially for someone like me who reads "So God created Man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them" (Gen 1:27) and considers it to be definitive and conclusive. Perhaps it's not me who's lost here.


Neil said...

They are so blinded -- just like the men of Sodom except in a metaphorical sense -- that they can't see how wildly contradictory their views are. As long as they are constantly rebelling against and mocking God they don't care how ridiculous they sound. We have a niece who was claiming to be a lesbian but her girlfriend was transitioning to pretend to be a dude. That relationship didn't end well.

Stan said...

I believe the Bible teaches that sin rots the brain (e.g., Rom 1:28). That those who embrace and immerse themselves in these sinful practices would lose logical thinking would simply be confirmation of that opinion. That Scripture speaks of the solution (e.g., Rom 12:2) is another reason to seek to bring the Good News to these people.

Danny Wright said...

You're trying too hard. All you need to know is that Christianity is evil. All else is built on that foundation. Man really is at war with God. Of course I know that you know all that, but...

Stan said...

Kind of "looking for logic in all the wrong places", eh?