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Saturday, April 22, 2017

News Weakly - 4/22/2017

Illegal Love
A Christian pastor was arrested in China for singing "Jesus Loves You". Apparently the song is considered "illegal religious activity." And the story only gets worse from there.

We are concerned in America about our loss of our First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion and we call it "persecution". While Jesus would, too (Matt 5:11), I think we can all agree that there are believers around the world experiencing much more persecution than we. We should pray for them.

Leaky Boat
A female teacher at a Catholic high school for girls came out as transgender. The Catholic order decided she will be "fully accepted as a man" and not fired. The boat that is Catholic theology appears to be leaking more and more and could easily capsize as it flounders in cultural rather than biblical standards, a self-made religion.

Pop singer Katy Perry told Vogue she was glad to jettison the Christianity of her childhood and is "recalibrating her life on many levels." She has gone from protesting Madonna and Marilyn Manson concerts to joining and delighting in the whole thing. She refers to it as a process of "reeducation". You know, out with the good, in with the bad. But perhaps it's not as much of a reeducation as an outworking of what was already there, given that her starting point was her song, "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It". Parents, teach your children well.

Umm ... Huh?
So, apparently among teens lesbians have higher pregnancy rates than heterosexual women and gay teen males are substantially more likely to impregnate a female sex partner than heterosexual males. Now, hang on. How is this possible? According to the story, among the youth, "gays and lesbians have a two to seven times greater rate of pregnancy and double the rate of abortion." (Emphasis in the original) Now they're arguing for "sexual fluidity", meaning nothing is fixed. Tell me again how this is "just like race".

Seen on the Internet
Don't miss the newly released Food Pyramid for Baptists. Oh, and the story of the man called by God to be a missionary in a remote jungle in the video game world of World of Warcraft. "Just pray for traveling mercies so I won’t get ganked* by some jerk high-level player, and ask the Lord to grant me a hedge of protection," he said. “Seriously, I’ve almost unlocked the Hedge of Protection ability."

*"Ganked" is a gaming term where a powerful character or group of characters in a game attack one or more players that do not have a chance.


Marshal Art said...

Illegal Love

There are certainly varying degrees of persecution, just as there are varying degrees of pain, suffering, oppression or intimidation. Few would compare what happens in this country to Christians far too often to that which is dealt to too many in other parts of the world, such as in communist or islamic dominated countries. But sometimes I get the feeling some believe we should just deal with what we suffer in this country because it doesn't compare to that suffered by those in other countries. Persecution is persecution and to ignore the lesser levels only makes increases more likely and emboldens those who perpetrate it.

Leaky Boat

While some bristle at the thought of including Roman Catholics among the Christian family, I see the appeasement and enabling of the sexually immoral in ANY Christian denomination as a failure in Christianity in general.

Umm ... Huh?

Why am I not surprised?

David said...

Ganked isn't limited to a group. A comparatively over power individual can "gank" a weaker person. It's about the easy overpowering. Like, Jesus ganked sin.

Stan said...

Yes, Marshall Art, since Jesus calls it persecution, I have to consider it persecution.

Yes, David, "ganked" doesn't have to be a group.