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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I'm just thinking aloud here, so to speak. Relativism is king these days. Morality is relative. Words are relative. Reality is relative. These things are whatever you think they are. It's all good.

So why is it that, while morality and definitions and reality are all whatever you think they are, people are quite certain that they are not what Christians think they are. "I think that I'm a male trapped in a female body." "Good for you!" "I think I'm a female trapped in a male body." "Embrace the real you!" "I think that there are only two genders -- male and female." "Hater!" Just an example.

For Christians morality and reality are indeed relative -- relative to what God says is moral and true. Why is it that every other morality is embraced and celebrated and Christian morality is despised? Isn't this a bit contradictory? I mean, is it or is it not relative?


David said...

1. Our culture is schizophrenic.

2. We were promised that we would be reviled because of our faith.

Stan said...

I've been reading 1984 lately where the culture is characterized by the term, "doublethink" -- intentionally holding two opposing ideas in tension. Like this.