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Saturday, December 10, 2016

News Weakly - 12/10/2016

On a Positive Note
We live in a sin-sick world. As such, we might expect that news will be ... unpleasant. I thought I'd share an item that is not.

Bethany Jenkins at the Gospel Coalition put out an interesting piece on Ed Moy, a Christian who became director of the U.S. Mint in 2006. Apparently the U.S. Mint -- basically a coin factory -- was a miserable place to work, rated 211th out of 217 places in the Federal government. He set out to change that. He tried some of the standard stuff which didn't seem to work and then came up with an approach from a biblical worldview. Well, you can read it for yourself. His results were amazing, and the ramifications for you and me are clear. God worked; so should we. Seeing what you do as part of a bigger thing (think "God's work") provides greater satisfaction. And thinking in biblical terms rather than the world's view can be remarkably better.

The right to not have your conscience disturbed
Okay, follow this closely. So, back in 2014 the Global Down Syndrome Foundation prepared a 2-minute video entitled Dear Future Mom assuring potential mothers of potential Down Syndrome babies that their child could live a relatively normal life and be happy, "and you'll be happy, too." Fortunately, the French state has swooped in to save society (at least French society) from this travesty of justice. The courts upheld a ruling that the French Broadcasting Council was right to ban this video. "The court said the video's depiction of happy Down syndrome children was 'likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices.'"

Wow, that's a new one. The right to not have your conscience disturbed. Never heard that one. Well, of course, this new right cannot be said to be "endowed by the Creator", since the Creator is pretty good at disturbing personal consciences. And, of course, society will dole this new right out cautiously. It's not for everyone, you see. Like the Christian whose conscience is disturbed by being required to personally endorse the union of two same-sex-attracted people. Or the Muslim women in France whose religion requires them to wear a veil. You know, that kind of thing. Their consciences may legally be disturbed. Just not the consciences of women who kill their babies, I suppose.

The Coercion of the Right by the Left
Ever feel like those "other guys" are trying to force you into a "progressive" box? You know, "Go along with us ... or else." We're constantly being told it's not so and we're just paranoid. But remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. Should we expect a new kind of witchhunt? "Are you or have you ever been associated with a Christian church?" Maybe not, but ...

Another One Bites the Dust
And another elector from the "great state" of Texas refuses to do his sworn duty. Why do these people agree to do their duty ... and then refuse if it's not to their liking? If the Electoral College is not "democratic" enough for some and can't actually be expected to do its job in other cases, what else in our Constitution needs to be tossed out? Might as well change it as desired; we're not using it anyway.

I'm Just Curious
Senate Democrats are threatening to force a government shutdown this weekend to pressure Republicans for better benefits for miners and for "Buy American" language in legislation. Hmmm ... I don't get it.

First, I don't know why the benefits for miners is a government issue, not a private industry matter. Second, I don't know why "Buy American" language ought to be a law. It would seem to me that both of these issues are in direct opposition to Capitalism and the Free Market concept. I mean, I can see requiring industry to not treat employees unfairly and I can see government encouraging a "Buy American" approach, but by legislation? My real question, however, is why is it that when Republicans threaten a government shutdown they are "just playing politics" but when the Democrats do it they're not?

This, I suppose, is an illustration of why I'll never understand politics ... or trust myself to government. This is why I won't put my trust in princes (Psa 146:3), so to speak. This is why I'm so pleased to serve the Risen Savior, the Sovereign Lord.

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