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Saturday, April 23, 2016

How Times Have Changed

My brother-in-law likes to refer to himself as "the out-law" at family gatherings. We laugh. It's intended to be humorous. But there are specific folk who are becoming the "outlaws" among Christians. Let's see if you qualify.

1. You concur with historical Christianity that the Bible is God's Word, breathed by God, infallible and inerrant.

2. You believe that the Holy Spirit teaches His followers the truth and, therefore, you can know the truth.

3. You stand on the position that Jesus is pro-life (based on the notion that humans are made in the image of God).

4. You hold the archaic belief that God is not three Gods or three modes of God, but one essence in three persons.

5. You actually believe that God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them.

6. You believe there actually is orthodoxy ... and heresy (required if you claim there is orthodoxy).

7. Worse, you actually think it's possible to know which is which.

8. You derive your view of reality from the Bible.

When large and clear portions of yesterday's biblical orthodoxy becomes today's heresy, something is wrong ... and it's not with yesterday.


Craig said...

If you are correct, and I think you are, then I say I'm proud to be an outlaw.

Stan said...

That was why I referenced my brother-in-law. He calls himself "the outlaw" ... and is proud of it.