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Saturday, April 09, 2016


One of the current evils plaguing our nation and our world is the evil of discrimination. Oh, but we are combating it left and right. We took the vast majority of the people of the United States to court and forced them to stop discriminating against homosexuals that wanted to wrench "marriage" from its roots and make it theirs. We forced Arizona and Georgia to block their protections of the First Amendment when they tried to allow religious people the right to opt out of being forced to violate their beliefs because that was discrimination. We're hard on the tails of Mississippi for the same error and of North Carolina for discriminating between birth gender and what people feel like. Dirty, rotten discriminators.

It is, of course, all bunk. The suggestion is "They are discriminating but we are not." Nonsense. When they make a taxi service for women only and consider it non-discrimination, we know they're confused. When Mississippi passed a law that said, "We agree with the First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion", they were discriminating against rejecting the free exercise of religion. When executives from GE, Pepsi, Levi Strauss and other companies sent a letter to Mississippi's Governor Bryant demanding that he rescind that law, they were discriminating against the free exercise of religion. Pay Pal has attempted to extort North Carolina to succumb by cancelling their plans to build there, which is discrimination against North Carolina, but they have not opted out of all the other places they do business in other countries where, for instance, the government kills the people Pay Pal thinks are being wronged. That, too, is discrimination -- discrimination against North Carolina and for a bigger income in other countries who are doing worse.

Look, it's simple. "Discrimination" is a fact of life. You discriminate against foods you don't like and in favor of foods you do like. You discriminate against people you don't like and in favor of people you do like. Every one of us discriminates. We discriminate between a one dollar bill and a five dollar bill because these are different and you should know the difference. Discrimination is simply the process of distinguishing between things. The question is not whether you or I discriminate. The question is whether or not you are discriminating correctly. There is no option to not discriminate ... not with any sanity. You will need to determine right and wrong, good and bad. That is discrimination. The question is the standard you will use for discriminating. You can choose the world's or you can choose God's. But you will discriminate.


Marshall Art said...

Of course, "discrimination" is just another word or term co-opted by the left to demonize the right for rightly discriminating against bad behavior.

Stan said...

Which is exactly why I'm pointing out that the left does it as much as the right. We OUGHT to do it.

Marshall Art said...

I think we do already, which is why we are constantly lambasted as bigots. However, as you say, the left does it as well and what is required is to point it out...loudly and directly...that they are doing too, that they are doing it all the time. The debate will then turn to what each side discriminates against, and I think then we can get down to it, comparing and measuring the effect of the behaviors in question. That's where we'd have the advantage and where we can appeal to the emotional level as the left does. The difference is that our positions appeal to logic as well.