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Saturday, October 24, 2015


You know, it's somewhat interesting to me. There are apparently people out there -- people I don't actually know, mind you -- who are intent on making me change. It's odd, in a sense. They seem to swirl around waiting for me to say something ... wrong. Well, of course, wrong in their view. And then they pounce. "You're wrong!" Generally the claim is considered sufficient argument to prove the claim. At least, in their minds.

I know. It sounds like another "victim card". In truth, I'm more fascinated than victimized. I mean, if my kids had paid as close attention to what I said as these people who don't know me do, I would have been delighted. Oh, of course, it would be nice if these folk actually listened to me. I mean, much of their reaction is not to what I said, but what they heard. "Did you even read what I wrote?" I wonder much of the time. I am responsible for what I say, but I'm not responsible for what they understand.

Seriously, I can't quite figure out why they care that I'm wrong. For me, I can cruise around and read all sorts of stuff from people I know and people I don't and people I admire and people of whom I'm only dimly aware and think, "I think they're wrong." Do I feel the need to point it out? Do I hop onto the site and lay down my scorching, logical argument that "You're wrong because I say so!" like so many do with me? No. I think, "No big deal. Lots of people are wrong." Oh, if it's a friend or someone who I think might benefit from a comment in that direction, I might, as kindly as I know how, mention it to them. But never to random Internet strangers. There's just no point.

So I can't figure out these people. What are they hoping to gain? It's not like their (flimsy) arguments are going to change my thinking. Conversely, it's not like my arguments (flimsy or otherwise) are going to change their world. In fact, I've never tried to. I mean, I say, "This is what the Bible says" and point out where and maybe even expand on it, and, based on my personal worldview that includes the claim that the Bible is God's Word, I might even say, "This is what God says" (because I have this silly notion that if it's in the Bible and clear enough, it is actually what God says), but even at that level of "presumption" (you decide if it's presumptive), I'm not lobbying Congress to make a law or warning their churches to kick them out for believing different or ... whatever. You know, like some of them do. If the standard of "wrong" is "does harm", I'm doing no wrong because I'm doing no harm. I doubt that there's a single person among the vast numbers (12? 13?) of readers that would say, "What he wrote did me harm." Well, not on this side of the asylum walls. So by their standards I should just be allowed to go on my merry way. But ... no.

It's not like I'm going to change anything. This blog is "Stan's opinion" by definition. If you are inclined to agree with me, it might change you, but not because "Stan said it." You will never hear, "Thus saith the Stan" as a definitive proof. If I think you might be open to input, I might offer input. If you don't like it, I assume you'll reject it. I don't need to call your pastor and have you excommunicated or notify your employer that you're a "hater". That's not my job nor my aim.

I don't get it. It's almost a compliment that they care enough to wish to terminate my existence or silence me or something. But I don't get it. Sure, this stuff is important to me, but, let's face it, important to me and precious few other people. My writings against changing the definition of marriage or recognizing that the Bible clearly considers homosexual behavior as sin or that God's Word is understandable and authoritative are neither new nor accepted in the main today. So? Most won't care. Maybe in the not-too-distant future the government will classify people like me who believe in classical, historical, orthodox Christianity as "domestic terrorists". Maybe not. I won't worry about it. I'll just shake my head and feel badly for that very select crowd who hovers about ready to explain where I'm wrong. Seems like a waste of energy without any real value. But that's not my problem, is it?

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