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Saturday, September 12, 2015

When Defense is Opposition

Meet Marion County Judge Vance Day. He's in some hot water. You might think it's because he allegedly once hung a framed picture of Hitler in his courtroom or is accused of insulting veterans or is blamed for bullying employees. All bad things, I'm sure. But none of this rose to the level of "hot water" for Judge Day. Not until he committed the ultimate sin. He asked his clerk not to schedule him for performing marriages. He asked the clerk to send them to other judges. Why? "Day said same-sex marriage violates his religious beliefs." Oh, now, see? Clearly that makes him unfit for office. That other stuff? Not so much. Clearly it is his position on marriage that makes him a problem.

I first read this story the other day. The headline was "New Marriage Opponent". I saw the headline and wondered, "Is it another polygamist suit or perhaps a polyamory suit?" No, it was a guy who believed in marriage that is now classified as a "marriage opponent". How did we get here? So quickly? New York Magazine wants to know if we should shun "gay-marriage opponents". (Note: That "shunning" was in terms of a story about a Quaker school. That kind of "shun", as in "a formal decision to cease interaction with an individual or a group".) And, of course, the crowd is suggesting that we should. Shun those who disagree. And even though Marion County (Oregon) judges are not mandated by law to perform marriages at all, this guy has got to go.

Years ago I expressed concern for the decay of the legal rights (Constitutional rights) of Christians. Someone opposed to my views told me that it was hogwash and they would surely defend my civil rights. I'm pretty sure it would be foolish of me to put my trust in that kind of assurance as society rushes at break-neck speed away from anything Christian. When we've arrived at logically hating haters and judging judgers, why would we expect common sense or civil rights? Now, I'm not saying it's actually happening. I'm not even saying it's a bad thing if it does. I'm just suggesting that in a world where a person who stands for marriage is classified as an opponent to marriage, there isn't much reason to expect reasonable treatment anywhere. Thank God I have a Better One to trust to take care of me.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Nowadays, words have no real meaning -- meaning is whatever the left wants it to mean. I'm so confused. Wait, am I in "Alice in Wonderland" or "1984"?

Stan said...

Whatever they want them to mean, or whatever they feel like they mean?

It is my suspicion that we're down a rabbit hole ... in 1984.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

It is my suspicion that we're down a rabbit hole ... in 1984


bob said...

i think therefore i am not really thinking therefore i am not.

Stan said...

I like the version, "Sometimes I don't think, so I might not be."