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Friday, September 04, 2015

The Davis Issue

I'm still not settled on the Kim Davis issue, but it sure has got me thinking.

How did we get here? Kim Davis is in jail for standing on principle in favor of the Kentucky constitution and opposition to the Supreme Court ruling. She is hauled out by the general media as a hypocrite for failing to act like a Christian in the years before she became a Christian and hated for standing on what she thought was right against those she thought were wrong. The crowds cheered when they hauled her off to jail.

It may not have been an issue of religious freedom. People are disputing it. But there is no doubt that her position as a Christian is the primary problem. Where were the complaints when the mayor of San Francisco defied the California constitution and issued marriage licenses for same-sex couples? Why are "sanctuary cities" considered progressive and friendly when they stand against federal laws? How is it that when Arizona sought to uphold federal immigration law the government sued the state in order to get them to stop, but Colorado is applauded for defying federal drug laws? How did we get so turned around in this country?

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David said...

As sinners, we want to do what we want to do and anyone telling us we can't is evil.