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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Science Triumphs

I know ... it looks bad, but it's really good news, so bear with me.

In this news item an Arizona man told police he was possessed when he stabbed his family to death, all the while singing an Eminem song. "Here comes Satan, I’m the anti-Christ, I’m going to kill you." The man claimed that "he stabbed his son the most because he loved him the most". There you have it, folks. It wasn't his fault. It's Eminem's fault and it's Satan's fault and it's "just crazy's" fault. Don't be too harsh on the guy. (FYI, the son, 4-year-old Brian, survived 11 stab wounds. His mother and sister died.)

Then there was this little piece that happily informed us that "experts have found the 'gang gene'". That's right! Experts from Florida State University have discovered a gene that apparently determines if you are predisposed to join a gang. If you have this gene, you are also more likely to be a violent gang member. From the article, while 42% of males have this genetic deficiency, about 5% joined a gang, but, hey, who am I to question science?

Where is this going? Well, it's really good news. There is no right or wrong. Morality is mere perception. The reason people do "bad" things is environment, genetics, hormones, all sorts of things that are actually outside their control. I know, I know, God seems to think He can hold us responsible for doing "bad" things, but the good news is God's wrong!

Oh, wait ... something's not right here ...

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