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Saturday, April 13, 2019

News Weakly - 4/13/19

You're Gonna Pay
Senator Cory Booker announced that he is going to introduce a bill aimed at paying reparations to descendants of 19th-century slaves. It's only fair, I guess. I mean, after all, the money would come from tax payers ... which includes every working black person in the country as well as all those who didn't have a family history in the U.S. in the 19th century. Unless, of course, they plan to figure out a way to exempt blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics, whites whose families weren't here in the 19th century or who didn't own slaves ... uh, oh, the list of tax payers for this "reparations" is getting smaller and smaller. So, of course, "fair" has nothing to do with it and, as we all know, neither does "justice".

Murder Expands
After 66 years of protecting the lives of the most vulnerable humans, South Korea's Constitutional Court has decreed that killing babies in the womb will now be legal like other developed nations, a major win for pro-murder advocates. One woman who had an illegal abortion 12 years ago said "she is still haunted by the knowledge that she committed a crime. 'I felt guilty for getting rid of a life to begin with, but the fact that it was a crime made it emotionally much more difficult,' Kim said." She illustrates the problem. Making it legal doesn't make it right. Conversely, making it legal could ease the conscience of those who are "getting rid of a life." Legalizing murder simply makes murderers feel better about it.

On the Other Hand
Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is signing a "heartbeat bill" that the media is calling an "abortion ban." The logic is "If it has a heartbeat and it's human, it's a life." That, of course, is not an abortion ban as much as a murder ban, but you won't see that in the media. The ACLU promises to fight to keep babies from gaining civil liberties like the protection of life in Ohio and every other state that has passed or is trying to pass such a murder ban.

A Nation on the Move
New Zealand proved a couple of interesting things this week. First, they proved that they could act far more quickly than any other nation I've ever seen in making laws. In less than a month after the Christchurch attacks, New Zealand managed to ban a large number of weapons. They expect to buy back tens of thousands of guns in the wake of their new firearm laws. Very fast. They've also proved that they are largely ignorant of what causes murder. Removing the tools doesn't remove the problem. It doesn't change the motivating hate. It doesn't add a sense of value to human life that might prevent someone from killing another human being. It doesn't address the actual problem at all. But, I guess, to be fair very few these days seem to understand that fact. Not really unique to New Zealand.

You're Write!
Okay, not a big deal, perhaps, but I like it. Texas schools are bringing back cursive writing to the classroom. Given the ubiquity of keyboards everywhere, a lot of schools have dropped penmanship from their curriculum. Especially cursive writing. Who needs it? We have electronic writing. Common Core curriculum omitted it because they didn't figure kids would need it. Turns out that cursive writing enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and promotes reading, writing, and cognition skills. Who knew? And now they'll be able to actually sign documents again! Win-win!

New Rights ... Again
Trump's transgender troop ban took effect this week. As of Friday, those who cannot serve in their biological gender cannot serve unless they were already in the military. "It is 'don't ask, don't tell' all over again," said Aaron Belkin, director of the Palm Center, a research institute focusing on sexual minorities in the military. (Really? There is an institute focusing on sexual minorities in the military??) The Human Rights Campaign describes the policy as a national security threat. (Really?? A national security threat???!) The Pentagon estimates that 9,000 of their total 1.3 million active-duty personnel identify as transgender. Transgender Army Staff Sergeant Patricia King says, "As many as 15,000 transgender service members stand to lose their jobs," completely ignoring what the numbers are ("9,000") or what the rules are ("Those who are already in won't be affected"). Facts normally don't bother a lot of people these days. And apparently serving in the military is a right and Hillary is outraged that these people aren't being allowed to serve their country. I am not getting it.

Successful Boycott
Protesters wildly succeeded in preventing Chick-fil-A from selling a single sandwich last Sunday. They said there was "not one customer all day." They're calling it deadly blow to hate peddlers and the beginning of the end for Chick-fil-A.

Must be true; I read it on the Internet.

(Note: In case you're not aware of it, Chick-fil-A is always closed on Sundays. Thus, the joke ...)

In other news, the report is out that Joe Biden has been appointed the head of TSA. No one seems concerned about the double entendre with the word "frisky."

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Anonymous said...

I am not a complainer by nature, so I didn't say anything out loud. But I remember thinking, "We just learned how to print letters and I am starting to get decent at it. Why start over again at square one with this cursive jazz?"

I did in fact use cursive quite a bit for speed-writing for a couple decades. But I find these days I write out nearly everything in regular printing, largely because it is more legible. Like riding a bike, the ability to write in cursive will stay with me forever though.