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Sunday, May 13, 2018

I Remember Mom

I've written on more than one occasion about my mother. I've told how blessed I am to have her, how grateful to God for giving me this woman as my mother. Perhaps I'll share, on this Mother's Day, some of my memories that so brightly illustrate what a joy it is to have Mom as my mom.

Mom has a song for everything. She has a reputation for that. Her grandkids have asked, "Grandma, do you have a song for everything?" Okay, maybe not everything, but pretty near. They come from sources like hymns and songs she sang in her choir years all the way through old commercials. I often find odd word connections -- puns and otherwise -- in casual conversation; she finds song connections.

She and I share a special bond. I don't think it's very common, actually. We love to discuss theology, doctrine, Scripture ... all that good stuff. One thing that struck me from my youth was her devotion to the Word. We would talk about a concept or principle and she would pull out her Bible which she had had for as long as I could remember and tell me, "I just read about this recently." She would indicate, "It's in ..." and tell me the book of the Bible that she had been reading and then indicate, "It's on this side of the page ... about halfway down." Because she knew it. She really knew it. Her relationship with Christ is important, and the things He wrote to her are integral to that relationship.

Mom spends time with the Lord every day. Most of them include reading the Word and taking notes. But Sunday is different. To her, it's her "Grateful Day". She will make lists of what she's grateful for. Sure, there are things like "health" and "family" and the like, but she is intent on going deeper. She's grateful for air, for running water, for hot water, for toothpaste. She asks, "If God were to take away tomorrow the things for which you didn't thank Him today, what would you lose?" Giving thanks to God is extremely important to her. If you ask her how she is, she'll say, "Grateful."

Mom would never be admitted into the ranks of Feminism, not because she's not feminine and not because she's not pro-women, but because she derives her views on women -- who they are and what is in their best interests -- from Scripture. She actually appreciates (recognizes the worth of) the texts that say that the husband is head of the wife, seeing it as a good thing that she has God's protection by means of the husband He gave her. She is a teacher, but refuses to teach men because Scripture says that's not a good thing for men or for women and she draws her views and values from what God says. I really like that in my mother.

This may strike you as odd, but one of the things about my mother that I have always found most endearing is her repentance. I don't know if I said that right. She will catch herself in a mistake, an error, even a sin. Maybe it's a moment of pride or an improper attitude. Her response to herself is not self-defense or "shrug it off". Her response is dismay. Because, you see, being pleasing to the Lord is what she really cares about. If that means that she doesn't get to control a situation or it doesn't come out the way she hoped, that's okay as long as God is honored.

Mom is diligent about prayer. She has triggers. When she brushes her teeth she prays about these people and when she showers she prays about those people and when she eats she prays about these things and when she walks she prays about those others. "There is so much to pray about," she says, "that it helps to build patterns." I think she is the closest person I know to "Pray without ceasing." (1 Thess 5:17)

This is just a small sample. There is a lot I remember about my mother, from when I was quite young (I've known her most my life, you know) to just last week when we visited. My mother makes it difficult to empathize with people who had bad mothers simply because I've had a great mother. And I will be quick, as she would, to say that it isn't her; it's God. God has been gracious to me in His choice for my mother and gracious to her in shaping her into the mother she is and I am grateful.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

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Anonymous said...

At a funeral last week- the minister reminded us " God gives us everything we need to attain unto salvation" good mothers are near the top & sometimes there are mothers just the opposite- but God takes up the slack & still provides w/o respect of persons.