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Saturday, May 27, 2017

News Weakly - 5/27/2017

Values Clarification
Over the weekend Vice President Pence gave a commencement address at Notre Dame. Some students walked out in protest. "The participation and degree-conferring of VP Pence stand as an endorsement of policies and actions which directly contradict Catholic social teachings and values," they said. "What values?" you ask. He's "against gay rights". Because as governor of Indiana he signed a bill protecting religious freedom (a la the First Amendment). Because, you see, the Catholic teachings and values are in favor of gay rights, homosexual behavior, and the loss of First Amendment protections in America. Also high on the list of Catholic teachings and values, apparently, is the disrespect of authority. Strange teachings, those Catholics. Or could it be ...?

Audacity Personified
A special education technician at a public high school noted that a coworker seemed to be going through some tough times. Since she went to the same church he did, she told him privately she'd be praying for him. Turns out, this is a violation of the First Amendment. She was reprimanded and warned to keep private beliefs private ... or else. The audacity! "I'll be praying for you." What gall! Who would have thought someone would do such a thing in today's enlightened, inclusive, tolerant America?

A Single Payer Plan
So, progressive California is considering instituting its own single payer health plan. Think of it. No California resident need pay premiums or obtain health insurance. It would all be supplied by the government without copay or deductible. Marvelous, right? Except that the government has no money to actually do this. They estimate it would cost $400 billion a year. California's current budget is $180 billion. That means that this service would triple their budget. That means that the government would be providing the service ... but at the cost of an additional 15% tax on income. Now, currently roughly 4% of my paycheck goes to paying for my insurance -- medical, dental, and vision -- and I'm pretty sure others aren't paying significantly more, so I can't imagine voters would actually think this is a good thing. That's never stopped government from carrying it through, has it?

The New Mission Field
Alan Shlemon, a Christian author and speaker from Stand to Reason, was invited to Oregon State University by a Catholic group to speak on how to better understand Islam and how to reach them for the Gospel. Fairly benign, you'd think, but Muslims protested, forcing the presentation off campus and then protested in the presentation. A Christian campus group protested as well, arguing that it made Muslims "targets for conversion" and "de-legitimizes their Abrahamic faith tradition."

It shouldn't be a surprise when the "religion of peace" opposes free speech and the freedom of religion, but when those who claim to side with the Prince of Peace oppose the clear claims (John 14:6) and commands (Matt 28:19-20) of the Prince of Peace, you might begin to see how America is no longer a "Christian nation" but a mission field.

Unclear on the Concept
Clearly Nancy DeVos is unclear on the concept. She told Congress that the federal government would make education funds available for states to spend at their discretion on school choice initiatives. Many were outraged. School choice? Government money allowing people to choose? Aren't we supposed to discriminate against those who discriminate?

Silly girl. She hasn't figured out that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution has been repealed along with others. What Congress (at least some or even many) believes is that the federal government should be bigger, not limited. And it is the federal government that should get to decide what standards private schools and companies can and cannot practice in terms of their religious beliefs. When will people like our current education secretary learn?

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