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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Under the Amazons

The tale is told of a race of women warriors known as Amazons. One of these queens participated in the Trojan War. Hercules did some work for Hippolyta. These Amazons ruled over men. Well, the legend goes that they did not allow men in their kingdom, but would occasionally venture forth to mate for the purpose of perpetuating their race. They were known for their hunting and their art of war. The Iliad referred to them as "those who fight like men".

The Amazons were a myth, of course, but I'm convinced they live today. Somewhat diluted, often in disguise, perhaps not your typical Wonder Woman type, but still around. Where? I'd say, to some degree, just about every woman you might encounter. Oh, sure, not every woman. There are still some feminine women out there. But the moment I say, "There are still some feminine women out there", you can be sure the Amazons surface. "How dare you?" "What do you mean, 'some'?" "Male chauvinist!" And it's not just the radical feminists; you'll also hear it from some of your leading church ladies.

Going up against women these days is indeed a herculean feat. You'd think that the worst thing that happened to the planet was the male of the human species. But try reading 1 Cor 14:34 or 1 Cor 11:3 or 1 Tim 2:12 or Eph 5:22 (I'm giving references because it feels like it's not always safe to put the actual words out there to be seen) and you'll see what I mean. "Them's fightin' words." I remember teaching a Bible study years ago where I intended to admonish the husbands in the group to be diligent to know the Word because the Bible said that wives should ask their husbands. We didn't get there. The admonition for them to "ask their husbands at home" was preceded by an opening phrase, "The women should keep silent in the churches" (1 Cor 14:34-35) and the outrage was launched.

Nowadays we men need to be careful. Comment on the morality of killing the unborn? Don't you dare! Note that the Bible is full of patriarchy? Hope you're wearing a bulletproof vest. Here, consider this general truth. In most churches on Mothers Day sermons are preached praising mothers. In most churches on Fathers Day, the sermon is about how men need to improve. A bit unbalanced, isn't it? We've been overrun, you see, by the Amazons, warrior women who want what men have and don't want men to have it. Maybe it's power. Maybe it's worth. Maybe it's leadership at church. And when they demean men and elevate women above them, it isn't sexism. It's only sexism when men speak up about it.

I get it. Feminism is so much a part of our society these days that any hint to the contrary is considered bizarre. Meanwhile, men are supposed to "get in touch with their feminine side". (Why is it that we never hear that women should "get in touch with their masculine side"?) And just writing this will likely upset some people because I'm clearly a sexist. I mean, I'm not, but that's the only conclusion. The really sad part that it will come from Christians, too. Because we really are under the Amazons now. They used to lead behind the scenes. Now they're out in the open and bold. I wonder where Salman Rushdie is hiding out these days ...


Anonymous said...

Leftists tell me online I am wrong in thinking I have spotted an inconsistency among them, but I'll tell it here for an alternate opinion, perhaps.

They cry "awful waste of money" and "caving in to patriarchal pressure" when a female gets cosmetic surgery to improve her standing among females in the looks department. But then suddenly it's, "You go girl/guy! I've got your back" when a transgender person gets cosmetic surgery.

Stan said...

I'm used to their inconsistencies, but I don't know what your comment has to do with the topic.

David said...

I don't know that it's an inconsistency you put forward (not to say they don't have plenty). On one they are "improving" themselves to attract the opposite sex more than others. The other is changing their appearance to match how they feel. I don't agree with either, but I don't think that particular example is inconsistent.