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Saturday, November 12, 2016

News Weakly - 11/12/2016

I didn't really want to make this news entry all about the election, but ...

Yeah, sure, there was an election this week
For those who weren't paying attention, there was an election this week. Whether you're pleased about it or not, Donald Trump won the election. Okay, whatever. I did find this a bit disturbing. This African-American CNN political commentator calls it "a 'white-lash'". You understand what he means, right? Donald Trump got elected because all you white people out there that voted for him are racists. You voted for him because you are racist "against a black president". You voted for him because, as he is a racist and a bigot and bully, so are you.

So, for Mr. Jones to prejudge you on the basis of your skin color is not racist even though the dictionary defines racism as "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race". Probably written by a white racist. Or the accusation is a product of a double standard. Or we're looking at another casualty of postmodernist redefinitions where "racism" means "whatever I say it means ... and it's not what I do."

Sad Tidings
Sadly, in the wake of Trump's victory, we will be losing several celebrities who have promised that if he won they would leave. Since these are, at heart, honest people, I suppose we'll be saying goodbye to Amy Schumer and her wit, Cher and her music (she says she's moving to Jupiter), comedian George Lopez and apparently all illegal immigrants (that's what he said), the keen political insight of Jon Stewart (going to another planet, too, apparently), the charming and insightful Raven-Symone (who said she'd move to Canada if any Republican got nominated, so I'm guessing she left several months ago), the pleasing sight and sounds of Miley Cyrus (who loudly and profanely assured us, "I don't say things I don't mean!"), Samuel L. Jackson (off to South Africa), and the religious insight of Al Sharpton who declared "He'd probably have me deported anyhow." Oh, and don't forget the state of California. They want out, too. Sure, there are certainly more and I am sadly certain that they have the integrity to carry out their threats to leave, so I say a teary-eyed farewell to them all. (I am hoping, however, that Cher and Stewart both share with us the technology they'll be using to leave the planet and live elsewhere. That could be useful.)

What do you suppose ...?
... the reaction of the Left would be if Republicans marched in protest after a Hillary win (with signs like "She's not my president", a clear failure to understand the American system of government)? The caring, liberal part of our nation have called for the assassination of Trump and other violence. "There will be casualties on both sides. There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world," one Californian protester assured us. When right-wing whack jobs said the same against Obama, they (and I) thought it was awful. I don't see too many speaking out against it this time. (I am.)

But, then, you knew all this, didn't you?

Just for Fun
Here's one not related to politics. First we read that China launched a new rocket that, they say, could take them to the Moon someday. Just a design test. No problem. Then we hear that a 15' long metal object with Chinese writing on it fell out of the sky in Myanmar. No, no connection, I'm sure. Couldn't happen.

We have always said we need to keep looking up ... you know, for the coming of Christ. We might want to do it just in case ... you know, something falls on us as well. I'm just sayin'.


Marshall Art said...

I don't recommend the holding of one's breath while awaiting the departure of those many celebs. Even those who say what they mean...supposedly.

The same goes for any of those whiny snowflakes suffering under their sense of entitlement regarding anyone will have to die. To assassinate would require a level of effort they're not comfortable putting forth. To die for a cause is not something they would likely have the courage to do...especially one so personally non-threatening as the election of Donald Trump.

Stan said...

Okay, sure ... but how about that Chinese rocket that fell in Myanmar? :)