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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Gender Questions

North Carolina got snarled in a conflict about "transgender" and bathrooms. Companies and performers and even the Justice Department fired back. Now President Obama "plans on Friday to order public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom with which they are most comfortable." Not based on morality (built on the "harm principle" because "uncomfortable" is not "harm"). Not built on logic because no one yet has a firm definition of "transgender". Not built on sanity because a claim to be someone you are not is not in any other case classified as sane. Based on ... what?

Trevin Wax asks some very good questions about current transgender theories.

1. Do transgender theories undercut or contradict the idea that sexual orientation is unchangeable?

It's strange, is it not, that while the "LGB" world is declaring adamantly that "We're born this way", that it's not a choice but a birth condition, that it's just like race, the "T" part of it is all over the place. It's called "gender fluid". It changes. I don't know if it's still true, but Facebook at one time offered 50 different gender options where we all used to recognize two. Because it's a variable and it is not set ... in direct contradiction to the "born that way" argument.

2. If gender identity is fixed and unchangeable, why do many children who experience gender dysphoria lose these feelings after puberty?

Science has noted that kids often appear to lean away from their birth gender, but straighten right out after puberty? If they're "born that way", why would that be?

3. When a person feels a disjunction between one’s sex at birth and one’s gender identity, why is the only course of action to bring the body into closer conformity with the person’s psychological state, rather than vice versa?

It's interesting in our science-based, materialistic world where DNA says "male" or "female" that the current preferred course of action is to reshape what science can measure into what the vagaries of someone's mind might prefer instead of working at correcting the mind to what nature has already publicly declared to be true.

5. Why are the strongest critics of “gender binaries” the most likely to support gender stereotypes on display in transgender celebrities?

Have you noticed this? They are outraged at our "gender binary" viewpoint. "Who says this is what a girl is like and that is what a boy is like? You're just being arbitrary." And, yet, when Bruce Jenner opted to become a girl, he aimed for the most stereotypical feminine appearance and mannerisms he could find. Why is that? Oh, relax. It's not just Jenner. It's every transgender out there. Not one says, "I'm a girl trapped in a boy's body, so I'll just be a girl." No, they need to conform to the whole "gender binary" approach. Confusing1. While feminists have attempted to throw off the shackles of stereotypical womanhood by acting, dressing, and performing like a man, transgenders try to act like the binary gender they feel like.

6. Why must one’s declared gender identity be accepted without question, while other forms of self-identification can be dismissed?

This one was amusing to me, too. As a 6' tall white male, I could not get away with "I'm a 4' tall black woman." Why?

7. Without a settled definition in our legal system for transgender, how can we avoid all sorts of problems, including bathroom access?

This one speaks to the whole North Carolina/Target question. Define for me "transgender". No, I'll need a legal definition. Because, no one will complain if a female or a male that looks like a female goes into the women's bathroom because no one will notice. And vice versa. So it appears that "transgender" is not "what I look like", but "how I feel" and defining that with any authority is currently impossible. In the whole bathroom question, for instance, I know of no one who is concerned that a guy who has changed his appearance to look like a woman, with or without the entire surgical process, because he actually believes himself to be a woman is a threat to girls in the girls' bathroom. It's the pervert who will use the opportunity -- "Oh, my, I feel like a woman. I should be allowed into the ladies' room." -- to indulge his perversions that most people are worried about. Without a legal definition, that cannot be avoided and "how I feel about it" is the only option, the trump card over all other concerns.

So we pursue madness as compassion without definition, ignoring all the rest of the issues, and the government will force the issue with economic threats. Given the current school climate of constant sexual violations as it is matching sexual violations in the public square, how can anyone think this will improve things?
1 I know of an actual case where a girl, raised by two homosexual men, was sexually attracted to men, but believed herself to be a homosexual male. So she had the processes and surgery done to become a male in order to be a homosexual male. That is true confusion.


David said...

It's interesting how the Enlightenment pushed religion to the side and now emotion has pushed reason to the side. I wonder how many people in Noah's day would have balked at our sinfulness.

Craig said...

These are just some more of the contradictions inherent in the left side of this discussion. It's absolutely surreal to see Springsteen and the like choosing to deny their services and break the contract implied by the purchase of a ticket in pursuit of their right to protest things they don't agree with, while folks on the right are being sued for the very same thing. It's just one more example of the ridiculously high threshold that those on the left have for embracing their right to live a double standard. This recent development is beyond hypocrisy and is simply a group of people demanding the others live by a set of rules they refuse to enforce on themselves and using the force of government to impose their will on those who don't agree.

You know that there will never be a legal definition of "transgender" because a legal definition set limits and the primary goal of the left is to impose limits on those who disagree with them while having as few limits as possible on themselves.

Unfortunately I do not believe that anyone on the left will even have the spine to actually give you anything resembling answers to the questions you've asked. It's really too bad that there is no one with the fortitude to actually answer.

David said...

I don't know that I would limit it to the "left". All sin consumed people will want it their way with as little compromise or reason as possible. It's not an us-or-them problem but a human problem.

Marshall Art said...

I agree with you David with one caveat: the discussion refers to one particular behavior/belief that is being legally imposed upon us. To that extent, Craig is correct. Otherwise, David, you're spot on.

Craig said...

David, I agree that sin is a universal and the we all have things we deal with. I'm looking at it more from the political left which is driving this agenda from a public policy sense.