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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Things You Will (Likely) Never Hear

"Does this dress make me look too thin?"

"You know, honey, I think I'll redecorate my man cave to make it more family-oriented."

"Thanks, dear, but this diamond ring you gave me is way too big."

"Yeah, I know the big game's on tonight, but I don't need to watch it. Let's just talk."

"I cannot wait to explain sex to my kids."

"Perhaps I've been complaining too much lately. I think I'll try to learn to be contented."

"I'm one of the richest liberals in America, so I plan to give away 99% of my assets because being one of the '1%' is unfair."

"Thanks for the free government money. No more. I have enough."

"I think our political party might have too much power."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One thing unfortunately I AM hearing is Leftist jerks gleeful over the death of Justice Scalia.