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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bathroom Humor

It's Saturday. Purely meaningless humor today. If you don't care for "bathroom humor", stop reading and come back tomorrow.

There has been this sign in the men's room at work that has baffled me for awhile.
Please do not throw gum
in the men's urinals.
There is a trash can behind you
for these items.
It gnaws at me for a variety of reasons. First, do we really need this sign up here? I mean, come on, guys! Surely you know better than that. It's a sad commentary on mankind when we have to put up a sign to promote what should be common sense. RIP, common sense.

But, okay, I have a minute. What is the sign saying? You see, I happen to know that there is no trash can behind me. There are sinks. The trashcan is over there by the door. So are they saying that we should regard what is behind us as trash cans? And they don't want me to throw "these things" the urinal, but in the sinks?

Oh, wait! What are "these things"? I go back and look at the sentence structure to figure this out. "These things" is a plural phrase. In the previous sentence, what items are plural? Well, there is "gum", which is singular, and "urinals", which is plural. The only plural in that sentence is the latter. Are these the things for which the sinks should be used as trash cans?

Oh, it's all so confusing!

Or not.


David said...

I also have to wonder if the sign is in the women's restroom and it means that it is alright to throw gum in the women's urinal's? I mean, I didn't know there was such a thing, but I'm not nearly as progressive as some.

Stan said...

Um ... since a "urinal" is exclusively a men's restroom item, it doesn't apply to women's. Sheesh! Where's your logic? Oh, I suppose that's what I'm asking the sign makers.

Marshall Art said...

I always liked:

"We aim to please.
You aim, too. Please."