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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Asked

Some time ago I asked what the whole Occupy Wall Street thing was all about. The answers I got were inconclusive and incoherent. Apparently I now have my answer. According to an Occupy organizer, Harrison Shultz, the single unifying message of the Occupiers is ... wait for it ... wealth redistribution. (I know ... what a surprise, eh?) Shultz said, "What I’ve been working on specifically is presenting an actual plan ... to actually rapidly end the economic crisis and permanently alter capitalism ..."

Nice to know. The big plan, the solution to our problems, our salvation is the dismantling of capitalism and the taking of wealth from those who have and giving it to those who don't. According to Shultz, "There is plenty of money in this country -- there is no shortage of money -- it’s just in the wrong hands." I guess the "right hands" would be his?

Apparently no one ever told him that you can't legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of it. You don't multiply wealth by dividing it. And the simple fact that so many were involved in this for so long is, in all honesty, a bit frightening. They don't want solutions. They want revolution. With the numbers of people under the welfare state and the "class warfare" card the president and his side like to play so often, I suspect they'll get it.


Dan said...

And after it is all done, and after all the dust has settled, what da ya know... there sit the poor.

Stan said...

"The poor you will always have with you." I wonder who said that?