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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Love Letter to Arizona

Dear Arizona,

Yesterday the Supreme Court struck down the portion of SB 1070 that allowed for the arrest of illegal immigrants on the basis of probable cause. Sure, this will effectively disable your ability to enforce illegal immigration laws, but let us just say, from the bottom of our hearts, we don't care.

The President has responded by stripping your police departments trained by the federal government of their right to enforce federal immigration laws. We know. We don't care.

Yes, we know that you are losing people to the illegal immigration problem and other related crimes. We know that your Border Patrol lost a man to guns supplied by the U.S. Government. We know that people are being killed, kidnapped, trafficked, imprisoned and enslaved as part of your border problem. We know. We don't care.

Yes, indeed, it is odd that your governor was complaining endlessly about the failure of the federal government to police your border until she was given the position of Director of Homeland Security at which point she told you all to shut up. You see? We know. We just don't care.

The President has assured you that enforcing federal immigration laws is not the right approach. The right approach, he says, is immigration reform. Of course, thus far his "reform" is to legalize those under the age of 30 who came into the country before they were 16. Not really reform. Certainly not long term. And, no, he hasn't suggested anything else to help out. It should be clear why, of course. It's because he just doesn't care.

I mean, seriously, Arizona, this shouldn't be a surprise to you. The White House sued you guys, for pity sake. The Justice Department is investigating and threatening those who do the enforcement. ICE will refuse to respond to Arizona calls. They've rescinded your right to arrest illegal immigrants. Surely this shouldn't be a surprise. We just don't care.

Sure, sure, you keep pinning that adjective, "illegal", in front of the term "immigrants" and you are interested in stopping all illegal immigration, but we are going to go ahead and label you as racist, anti-immigration, and just plain mean. No, it's not true. Yes, we know. No, we just don't care.

Please, please, don't take any of this personally. We will still want to use the power you generate, still want to buy the products that appear to be unique to you, and certainly still want to visit your tourist areas. And although we're making it abundantly clear that we just don't care about the crime and other problems caused by your substantial illegal immigration problem, please be sure to continue to do things that bring us pleasure and income because that's what fellow Americans do for fellow Americans. And whatever you do, do not attempt to respond in kind. "So, if it's not right for us to enforce federal immigration law, how about enforcing other federal laws? You're going to handle all that, right? You'll be the one to respond to bank robberies and kidnappings. Don't call us; they'll call you. Right?" No, no, don't do that. Because, after all, we just don't care.

Sincerely and with all the love we can muster,

Your Federal Government and the illegal immigrants that support them

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David said...

This sort of thing makes one wonder if there is some sort of back room deal the Fed has with Mexico. With all the Fed has done against AZ, and with a state official doing a 180 upon gaining a federal position, it makes one wonder. I'm no conspiracy nut, but it seems suspicious.