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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mac Alert

For all you Mac users out there who are so confident that your computer is safe because only PC's get viruses, think again. Apparently, Sophos is reporting that a new virus is stalking about that can take over your computer.

Mac users for the longest time have been told that PC's are dangerous while Mac's are safe. PC's get virus's but Mac's don't. It was part of Apple's advertising scheme, as I recall. When I saw it back then I thought, "Well, yeah, that's because it's such a small target that no one is interested in investing the time in attacking it." Turns out that Apple has been so successful in marketing these computers that the market share has become targetable.

I'm not a Mac user. I have protection all over the place. And still I find I have to be vigilant. Guess what, Mac users? Your time is coming. It has, in fact, arrived. You might want to look into protecting your computer assets. Having someone else gain full control of your Mac is an unnerving idea to me. I just thought, as a public service, I'd let you know.

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