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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Marriage 101 - The Sum of the Matter

Imagine a marriage constructed like this. A husband assumes the God-given role of “head of household” and launches himself into seeking the best for his wife. He performs this by loving her as Christ loved the Church, without conditioning it on her response. He seeks to know her, to understand her, and is careful always to show her the utmost respect and honor. In turn, the wife holds her husband up as God’s instrument in her life, His director of operations. She submits to him as God’s representative in her life and seeks to show him the respect the position of head deserves, without regard for his “respectability”.

Together, these two leave off clinging to their families and become one in spirit as well as flesh. They have a common direction, a shared heart. They stand by each other. Problems that he faces meet with her ever-present support, and difficulties in her life are shouldered by his unflagging provision. They are not two individuals, but a unit. They are not entangled with cares for their own welfare, but devoted to the welfare of the other. Neither is deterred when their partner staggers because each is seeking the best of the other. Instead of a 50-50 marriage, they have a 100-100 marriage, where 100% of the aim of each is to meet the needs of the other.

This is marriage. This is God’s intent. If we are to call ourselves “disciples of Christ”, it must be ours as well.

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