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Saturday, February 09, 2019

News Weakly - 2/9/19

Racism Run Amok
A local "opinion contributor" to the Arizona Central news outlet offered the opinion that an historic photo in a Phoenix restaurant of coal miners was offensive because he thought it looked like they were in blackface and, as we all know, blackface is evil. He was offended and that picture had to come down even after he knew that it was not blackface. Not to be outdone, Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner (apparently an Associate Professor of English at Linfield College in McMinnville, OR) wrote a piece in the New York Times about how that whole Mary Poppins "chimney sweep" "Step in Time" piece was racist because the characters were in blackface ... you know, as chimney sweeps would be.

The first opinion piece was written by an African American. The New York Times piece was a white guy. We'll allow that the African American has a right to be miffed about racist miners covered in coal dust, but doesn't that New York Times writer know that he's part of the problem of racism simply because he's white? Apparently he ain't woke yet. But, seriously, do we really need to dig into the obscure, innocuous stuff to find racism where it isn't? Don't we have enough real racism to deal with? Hey, we can't even agree on the definition of the term. (Current society argues that a minority who hates a white person for being white is not racist because the minority is not in power. A whole new version of "racism.")

Kill 'Em All
Americans live in a republic, not a democracy. We have a representative government, not a one-to-one vote. So our government reflects our people. This is one of the reasons I am so disturbed at the current trend in Democratic candidates for president in 2020. Virginia's new abortion bill allows for abortion "all the way up to 40 weeks" according to its instigator, Kathy Tran. Most Democratic candidates favor the right of women to kill their babies unrestricted. Most states have a "viability" cutoff -- typically about 24 weeks. If science can keep that baby alive outside the womb, it shouldn't be killed. The Democrats support the attempt to kill babies up to and even beyond birth. And the Democratic party would like to mandate via the Women's Health Protection Act that all states be required to invalidate their fetal viability laws in favor of "the pregnant woman's life or health" where "life or health" can be loosely translated as "if she feels okay about it." (After all, it is harmful to her "life or health" if she is sad about having the child, isn't it?)

So we have a significant portion of Americans who would like to kill babies if the mom feels like it. I'm wondering if there is any public servant willing to put out a bill to protect the lives of babies. The logical progression of this "women's choice" issue is looks like "They should be allowed to kill 'em before viability" ... "Oh, they should be allowed to kill 'em before birth" ... "Oh, why not allow them to kill 'em after birth?" ... "Hey, what kind of age limit should we put on this?" People are up in arms over states requiring voters to prove their residency in their state. Less are up in arms over this concept of the non-person human being. Maybe we can erase these kids until they can prove they're persons?

As an aside, the rising tide of "We need to be allowed to kill our babies whenever we want!!!" is really disturbing. The "conservative" Supreme Court struck down provisions that could curb it. While we tend to refer to people who defend abortion as "pro-choice" or "pro-abortion", the public in general and the media in particular refuses to acknowledge that we are "pro-life" and wrongly demands that we are "anti-abortion" like there is something sacred about a woman maintaining a pregnancy or something. The quantity of those who think that murdering babies is no big deal and the fact that they don't realize the "unintended consequences" of such a position makes me deeply concerned for our country. The growing spread of "We have the right to kill them if we want" to more and more places around the world makes me deeply concerned for the world. The number of pro-life people that don't understand what's at stake doesn't ease those concerns. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

The Green New Deal
The darling of the Socialists ... oh, sorry, Democratic Socialists ... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has released her Green New Deal on the 116th Congress. Things like converting to 100% renewable (not clean) energy within 10 years to prevent losing out on our "last-chance opportunity" of saving the world from human-caused end-of-the-universe global climate change. A lofty goal of "Decarbonizing electricity, transportation, and industry, restoring natural ecosystems, and upgrading buildings and electricity grids within a 10-year timeframe." Eliminate fossil fuels. Refit or rebuild all structures to be eco-friendly. (Still curious ... why solely "renewable" and not "clean"? Odd.) How do we pay for it? (Because, trust me, this is really going to suck someone's pocket book dry.) Tax billionaires at 70%. That ought to do it. Right? (Hint: No.) What should concern you is the popularity of this kind of plan (take the money from the rich and ... well, you too ... to force their social agenda). If "popular" wins votes and votes make laws, we could be in for trouble.

Defining Evil
Breaking news. If you hold to biblical morality, you are evil and need to leave. At least that's what Richard Cohen of the Washington Post believes. Follow the Bible? You're the purest form of bigotry. Blaming biblical morality for the murder of Matthew Shepard and the attack on Jussie Smollett and the like, he made it clear that those with a biblical worldview are not welcome here. Starting with the Pences. You think the top three in Virginia's government are bad? They don't even hold a candle the evil that is Christianity. You think you have the right moral code just because you believe God's instructions? Think again. Genuine good is only defined by the elitists of modern society. They know what's right. On what basis? Well ... because they know. Come on! You have to see that!

Just 10 People
God has issued a stunning statement that if they can find just 10 Democrats in Virginia who haven't worn blackface or a KKK costume or harbored racist thoughts, He will spare the state.

Must be true; I read it on the Internet

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Craig said...

The whole kill your children beyond viability and post birth ain’t nothin compared to a couple of good ol boy southern democrats acting out their cultural history.