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Monday, October 18, 2021

Vaccination Ruminations

I've got this issue right now and I'm just going to lay it out here with my own ruminations on the topic because it's weighing heavily. Back in January my wife and I both had COVID. It was really pointless in our case. She had a fever for a day and lost her sense of taste and smell for a few months and nothing more. In my case I was completely and totally asymptomatic. I was tested afterward and had the antibodies, but that was the only effect. So she and I are both immune to COVID ... the natural way. Get the vaccine? Why? We already know how it works. Our bodies already have better immunity than the vaccine could provide. Why? No thanks.

Well, you've been watching things progress, I'm sure. The prevailing winds are that you either get vaccinated or just plan to die. No work, no food, no medical care, nothing. Loser. No, not all, but it is not a small number and it is not declining. People are outraged that Texas Governor Abbott said we should all get vaccinated, but it shouldn't be forced. "Shouldn't be forced??!! Yes, it should!" The president's plan is to do an end-around on the law and get OSHA to require all companies with at least 100 employees to require vaccinations. He's already mandated that all federally connected employers vaccinate 100%. But I live in Arizona and Governor Ducey outlawed mandating masks or vaccines, so I was fine here. Or so I thought.

It came down last week that since I work for an organization that has some contracts with the federal government, everyone connected with this organization can either get vaccinated or go find a job elsewhere, thank you very much. "But, I'm already immune!" Nope, we'll have none of that. "But, what about exemptions?" Yes, they are allowing exemptions. If you can show (with doctor's proof) that you physically cannot tolerate the vaccine or can give a religious reason you shouldn't have to take it, there will be unnamed "accommodations."

Here's my problem. I have no medical reasons and I don't have a religious reason not to get vaccinated. I've looked in my Bible and it's not there. I've seen others' arguments and they fall woefully short of "biblical." Now, I could use one of theirs, perhaps, but then I'd violate several biblical principles (like honesty, integrity, etc.), so that makes no sense. And my sharp misgivings about the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine compared to its potential harm is not allowed. "We don't care what facts you bring or what convictions you have. You either bow the knee or go hungry." And that's a problem for me on its own. I know some who are "bravely" saying, "Well, if that's the way it is, then I'll go hungry." They're counting on the kindness of others to get them through. But wouldn't that put me in the "If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat" (2 Thess 3:10) category? Great! Violating another biblical principle.

Now, I could retire from this job (at about 2/3rds of what I'm currently making) and hope to find another that doesn't require vaccines, but that's a hope, not a certainty. "God will protect you." Well, maybe, except that I can't point to anything that says, "God doesn't want you to get vaccinated," so I can't conclude that God will protect me for obeying Him rather than men since He didn't tell me not to get vaccinated.

Scripture doesn't help. Nothing tells me anything about this vaccine. Science doesn't help. Science tells us, "It's our best hope" even though only about 10% of the population have gotten sick and less than 2% of those have died and science indicates that immunity from having recovered from COVID lasts potentially years while the vaccine offers maybe 6 months before you get your next booster. (What's the plan - biannual boosters for life?) We don't know the long term effects and the whole thing is a grand new experiment on how to vaccinate and we all know that you can still get COVID and you can still spread COVID and you can still die from COVID, but all of that means nothing. Shut up and take this shot ... or else.

Well, I'm still not settled. I don't know what to do. I've been considering retirement for a couple of years. Maybe God is telling me, "Now!" I've had difficulties with this job for years and maybe God is telling me, "I've got something better for you. Go!" I'm tired of asking questions like "Why?" and "What about these concerns and those studies and all the disclaimers?" and "Why can't Big Pharma be held responsible?" and so on. There are legal questions and science questions and questions of liberty and ... but, I may just have to get used to questions in life that won't be answered and realize that I no longer live in a free country. Get over it. I don't know. I just don't know.


FCC said...

It's a tough one, Stan. I'm employed by a small company that is a sub to a federal contract. I could lose my job if I choose not to get the jab. If, as a Christian, one chooses to get the shot, it's by faith. If one chooses not to get the shot, it's by faith. I do believe, however, it's time to start calling this, by faith, what it really is. A precursor to what is clearly written and foretold about all throughout scripture.

Leigh said...

Stan, God bless, I could have written this blog myself. I too am struggling in the same ways. I am not vaccinated, I am still working though, and I am prepared at any moment that they will be mandating it. I work for a well know massage clinic and I was told in Washington state that they have required the vaccine for their massage employees. I too cannot jump on the religious exemption band wagon due to the same reasons you have stated. I have gone back in forth in my mind on how I would deal with my job if and when that shoe will fall. I finally came to grips through prayer and talking with others, vax and no vax others. I have come to a place that I will quit my job and believe that God will lead me in the path to something else. I know that if I was completely happy with where I work, this decision would undoubtedly be much harder. I know you know of the man that is very dear to both us and what his decision is, and that kind of helped me too. This is so hard and I pray that God will speak to your heart in what you need to do. I am so glad you posted this, it so needs to be addressed. Not an easy decision, not at all.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

My problem with the "vaccine" itself is how many people it has killed!!!! Let alone cause serious health issues such as enlarged heart, messing with women's fertility, etc. Mandating is totally unconstitutional.

Stan said...

Glenn, the number of people that have died from avoiding COVID is significant ... and not being publicized.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Stan, I understand about the actual COVID deaths, but a huge number of those HAD THE JAB!

Craig said...


Because I'm not necessarily one who seeks confrontation, and because I have enough relatives and friends who might be at a higher risk, I'd probably get the vaccine and be done with it. But, I completely understand and sympathize with you and your decision.